Bringing Identitairianism to America: A Brief Interview With Nathan Damigo

Originally published by Red Ice Creations

By Reinhard Wolff

Hello, Nathan! Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Let's get the basic stuff out of the way first. Please briefly introduce yourself and your organization.

No problem, thanks for speaking with me. My name is Nathan Damigo; I am an Iraq war veteran and am currently working on an undergraduate degree in social science. I recently launched an Identitarian organization in the United States named Identity Evropa. We are looking to promote European identity among people of European heritage and educate the general public about a range of subjects currently held in contempt by modern academia.

That's certainly a noble aim. Can you provide us with a few examples of the subjects that you will be focusing on?

In my experience in the past with proselytization, I have found the most successful way to reach people is not always with hard facts about historical inaccuracies and statistical data, but by providing a vision of a world better than the one we are living in today and finding creative ways to subtly promote our worldview. Basically, it’s about being someone that others want to emulate – someone that people look at and think to themselves, "I wonder what he has in his life that I am missing."  That is not to say that discussion of in depth facts is not helpful, which is why we have an education section on our website with links to videos, articles, and books; but rather that people are more willing to look at those things if you, as an individual, are viewed as desirable.

That being said, while we primarily focus on building a fraternity, we hope to educate the public about human biodiversity, Cultural Marxism, our history, immigration, and the false narrative regarding diversity. There is a lot that has been omitted from these subjects, and this exclusion is having very negative consequences for everyone involved.  People cannot possibly plan for their future and make the correct decisions regarding social policy if they are not being provided with the facts. In the age of information, this really is a travesty. The future of not only ourselves, but that of humanity overall, will depend on breaking through the wall of misinformation.

Such topics are indeed quite controversial, but we clearly need the truth now more than ever. Your comments about the age of information remind me of Huxley's Brave New World, in which people suffered not from a deprivation of information (as in Orwell's 1984), but rather from too much of it. Being overwhelmed, most people resort to passivity and stay mired within the consensus trance. Moving on, through which mediums will Identity Evropa wage this information war?

Right now, sizable portions of the internet are being occupied by our voices, including chat boards, social media pages, comment sections, etc. This has helped us to gain momentum, and it is a front that we must continue to push forward on, expanding into areas we do not yet hold. We need to think about this information war in spatial terms: when we occupy space, we occupy minds. The more spaces we occupy, the more people will think about our ideas – whether they want to or not.  

There are many other spaces outside the internet that we need to begin occupying. Television and radio are ones that take a bit more creativity to occupy, but as we can see, Andrew Auernheimer managed to do a pretty good job at getting national publicity for the Daily Stormer. By occupying fax machines, he ignited a chain reaction in which the story became too juicy for the media to ignore. While the benefits of the message he sent are an ongoing debate in many circles, he demonstrated how creative thinking and direct action penetrated new space and in turn occupied minds.  

That being said, Identity Evropa will be using a hybrid method for our information campaign. We will be utilizing printed materials for members to place publicly in densely populated areas. While many people will likely ignore our propaganda initially, if we continue to saturate specific areas repeatedly, individuals will become more curious the more often they see the message or hear about it through the buzz created locally. By placing printed material in and around places of higher education where the upper half of the young bell curve bottleneck, we can captivate the audience most capable of taking our message and doing something with it. Occupying these places of higher learning will also create a chain reaction as the students respond in the way their decades of enculturation have conditioned them to, creating news stories too juicy to let pass by and again providing us with an even greater platform to occupy space. Eventually these printed materials will no longer have the effect that they initially had as people become desensitized to them at which point we will know we have gained a foothold into the public sphere and can begin pushing further into public spaces.  

We also intend to further utilize the internet to document and share our direct action, motivating those who already share our views or are sympathetic to them to join with us in occupying public space and thereby creating a positive feedback loop until we reach a level of unstoppable synergy. This is essentially the core of our hybrid strategy.

That sounds like an excellent plan. Let's talk about the actual organization itself. What can you tell us about Identity Evropa in terms of structure, membership, and so forth?

We are looking to build a nationwide network of individuals who are passionate about our future and want to take part in something larger than themselves. However, Identity Evropa is more than just an activist organization. It is a fraternity that seeks to bring together the best and brightest of our people; those who seek perfection in everything they do.

Being part of a fraternity has benefits. If a member moves from one part of the country to another, they are introduced to members before they move. This provides them with a community of likeminded people who hold their same high standards, value, and aesthetic to heart wherever they are. Being a member is also a privilege and comes with status, as we hold high standards and do not let just anyone who applies join. We expect our members to be examples to the rest of our community. There is a rigorous screening process followed by a term of prospecting prior to being granted full membership status. There are also two tiers of membership: auxiliary and guardian. However, only members are privy to the inner structures within those tiers.

We are an American organization and do not at this time plan to extend our franchise outside the country. We will be starting primarily here in Northern California where the model can be put into place, and any necessary adjustments made. After that we will be leasing the franchise to other members across the country once they have enough locals to make a franchise viable. If the franchise model is changed or altered, thereby damaging our brand, we will revoke the license and censure the license holder.

We do not accept those under 18, or individuals with tattoos on their hands, face, neck or head. Other visible tattoos will be discussed during interviews.

It sounds like you have Identity Evropa very well-planned. Tell me, what characteristics and personality traits are you looking for in potential candidates?

We are looking for high trust, low time preference individuals who are not so ideologically inflexible that they become graceful losers like cuckservatives, i.e. people who would rather lose and stand by their principles than win. This is not a group for socially awkward people – autists can stay home. At the same time, we are not looking for overly eccentric people either. No special snowflakes. We want individuals who have a healthy understanding for social perception and act accordingly.

Youth is good, though not imperative. Eighteen is the cutoff. (Sorry, too many issues otherwise). Self-expression through body art is looked at on an individual basis as long as the work is tasteful. Nothing on the face, neck or hands will be accepted.  So far the majority of individuals applying fit these desired characteristics, and I am booked with interviews for the next week. This means that we are seeing some very positive responses from the demographic we are aiming for. There has definitely been a hunger for what we are doing.

With regard to our movement – the alt-right, Identitarianism, or whatever else one might call it, what is something that you think we've done well? Conversely, what is an area that needs improvement?

As a movement, the alt-right has been making the right moves. Our battle is metapolitical; we have managed to develop our own culture that includes language, satire, and art. I had been thinking for months that we need someone to begin producing music, and then, just in the last several weeks, I stumbled across Xurious and Cybernazi on Soundcloud. More of this, please!

While we have done well with covering current events on blogs, websites, podcasts, and vlogs, I would also love to see an internet based, nightly news program. I believe that with the right person, it could be extremely well done and reach tens of millions of people within years. Technology has made this type of alternative news broadcast possible, and it is the direction news consumption is heading in anyways. It would be fairly simple and cheap to start. Lighting is inexpensive, and a news desk could be built with a little creativity. The camera(s) would perhaps be the largest investment, along with a few other costs here and there. Being that coming out of the pro-white closet is devastating economically, it would obviously have to be funded in part by donors. Though I would recommend initially starting with a more civic nationalist perspective like Breitbart. This would grant the individual much more leeway in the job market until the project became self-supporting. After that the broadcaster could go full fash. The slow transition would also bring many new people into the fold.  

Basically, we need to continue to be creative. Find ways to subtly inject our message into the public sphere. Get a job with your local library so you can stack the shelves with our literature, get a sticker maker, and print shitlord memes that you can sell so we can take meme warfare to the streets. As long as we keep finding ways to open up new spaces to our ideas, the future is ours.

I find the nightly news idea very intriguing, and I'm sure that we'll be seeing our narrative spread across new mediums as our size and influence continue to grow. Anyways, this has been a very informative interview, Nathan. Do you have any final comments you would like to make? Is there anything else you want to mention?

Now is the time for action – there has never been a greater need, nor a more sympathetic audience; in short, the tides are turning. Let’s create a world that is an expression of ourselves.

Paper Worship

Originally published in Radix Journal

The cuckservative meme spread faster than the zika virus on steroids, terrifying establishment Republicans and inflicting a devastating blow to their morale. The power of utilizing rhetorical arguments is giving us the upper hand by deconstructing entire ideologies with a single pejorative. Such memetic warfaremust progress and evolve if we are to gain the upper hand over the reigning neo-con establishment. 

Now is the time to shift our focus to attacking the document that is at the center of worship for those who are giving away our nation to hostile aliens. No, I am not talking about the Bible (though that might be the subject of another article). 

I am talking about the Constitution. You know, that quaint document that has been used by the Supreme Court to uphold and justify every major social policy that conservatives are at odds with, from the legalization of abortion to gay marriage. The only explanation for such fidelity towards its presently compromised existence is religious fanaticism, as displayed by creeps like Glenn Beck who once told an audience that the Constitution “came from God” and was a “sacred scripture.”

Respect for the Constitution was once and is today a unique phenomenon created by the collective expression of elite diaspora Europeans on the North American continent. As it currently stands, this primitive article of antiquity will not solve the problems we face in the 21st century. In The Current Year, the Constitution has ceased to be a vehicle for progress and has instead devolved into a major obstacle to our future. 

Dysgenic trends, massive immigration from third world nations of people incapable of integration or maintaining our civilization, combined with overpopulation and the subsequent destruction of the biosphere, cannot be addressed within the current parameters the Constitution imposes on the executive branch. Capitalist digital platform censorship will further ensure that these massively growing problems will compound further to the point where there will be little, if anything, we can do to stop the ensuing chaos. 

There is a need for a nation’s people to have in writing a safeguard set of values that obstructs those in power from abusing its people. However, when the laws enshrined in a nation's Constitution no longer serve the best interests of the people (both present and future), it is the responsibility of that generation to replace it.

While the Constitution has provisions that make it amendable, it would be near impossible to mobilize a movement and muster the political will to ratify the necessary amendments to fix these problems. Our first step is to break the spell that the Constitution has over the Grand Old Party’s rank and file members once and for all. Until the time that we can redress our problematic scenario, we must do everything possible to discourage our people from elevating the zombie Constitution to the level of an unalterable sacred scripture. 

We need a meme that not only demonstrates their foolishness, but also exposes the reality that nothing they love will exist if we do not rid ourselves of such a pernicious and constricting piece of paper. 

My proposal: Any cuckservative witnessed making mindless hosannas to “defending the Constitution” will immediately be tarred and feathered with the label of Paper Worshipper and patronized about the stupidity of their comment. 

Simply waiting for the opportunity to present itself will not be enough to get this “dank meme” of the ground. We must actively hunt these Paper Worshippers on social media, at family reunions, in public, and at social or religious gatherings. 

The bottom line: Leave no space safe for Paper Cucks. No quarter for Parchment Fetishists. No mercy for Vellum Supremacists. Their pantywaisted reign of procedural suicide ends now. 

Creative variations on the term are also highly advisable. Just like genes, memes evolve and take on new forms. Embrace them and victory will be ours. 


The White Student Union

Originally posted in The Nameless Organization

Recently, a White Student Union page for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) appeared on Facebook. Immediately, the page was denounced by the staff of UIUC and was subsequently taken down. In its place a new one emerged, with another thirty following in its wake, making UIUC staff and social media censors look like fools. A media storm promptly hit, and with it, increasing interest in our new movement, which has become the typical unintended consequence of anti-White shrieking.

Many justifications for European dispossession are given by those who seek to deny our people an identity and voice, and none are legitimate. This attempted obfuscation and fomenting of European collective guilt is nothing more than oppression perpetrated by authoritarian personalities masquerading as “progressives.” Over the last 100 years, this kind of totalitarianism has reemerged across the European-American world, taking on new forms and utilizing different ideologies and grievances to justify the suppression of dissidents. The most striking, historically recent example of such manipulation was the capture and subversion of Western universities whose professors utilize pedagogy for their own advancement in what have become politically nepotistic institutions. Formerly an establishment that served the cultural interests of the West, academia is now used as a tool to undermine it.

Many of those who oppose our collectivization claim Whites already have a voice; that we live in a society structured for Whites and therefore do not need to actively protect our group interests. While it is entirely true that America was a nation created by and for White people, the assertion that Western institutions are currently maintained for the benefit of Whites is entirely untrue. The notion that White elites actively maintain “institutional racism” is so horribly absurd that it deconstructs under the slightest of scrutiny. Any well versed critical race theorist would properly identify what White elites are actually doing as the social principle of interest-convergence: White people support “racial justice” only when there is something to gain from it. This has been quite obvious all along; those who seek to counter European collectivization on grounds of racial justice can demonstrably be proven to be doing so for their own interests.

Interest-convergence is what initially led to the silencing of Whites who objected to racial integration, something that would decrease the cultural and political influence of European Americans over time. As Dr. Derrick Bell pointed out in his paper on interest-convergenceintegration in America was the result of upper class White interests converging with that of Blacks. In his groundbreaking paper Bell noted that,

…those whites in policymaking positions able to see the economic and political advances at home and abroad…….would follow abandonment of segregation.

From policymakers in Washington looking to advance their careers, to Southern planters who were looking to “make the transition from…rural, plantation society to the sunbelt with its potential and profit…”, Bell revealed that civil rights have always been about what was financially best for rich Whites.

Today we continue to see this same social phenomenon of interest-convergence. There is the college professor who never publishes research that demonstrates the social dysfunction created by diversity to avoid social ostracism, or the politician who gains votes from massive illegal immigration. There is the status signaling cuckservative who gets a pat on the head from his party leaders for taking leftist positions on race, and the capitalist who promotes immigration to maintain a cheap wage, peon labor force. There are numerous benefits for Whites who promote “people of color” over that of their own people; the benefits range from the financial all the way down to the warm and fuzzy someone receives from their false charity, or every time they lie about having “Black friends.” So why the continued insistence that European Americans are already well represented? Because those who have something to gain, White or non-White, know that European Americans who are in power are not serving the interests of Whites, but their class and social interests instead. (Neither of which are aligned with the interests of the White majority.)

Interest-convergence is why we are not afforded the opportunity of a collective voice. It is the reason why at the slightest inclination of dissent and attempted collectivization these powers seek any and all means of suppression. To the oppressor, no means of obfuscation is off the table. To them, this is not a game, but deadly warfare with a winner-takes-all attitude. They understand what they have and refuse to compromise.

White students need to organize not just because all other ethnic groups do, but because European Americans need to begin to understand who they are and not allow others to define them. The Western elites of the 20th century, trapped in pathological guilt, discarded what countless millions of their ancestors shed their blood to give them. They mistook themselves for the owners of their nations and societies, not the tenants they actually were, with a responsibility to provide their descendants with an improved civilization. They brought us into the world without direction. We must regain our bearing and identify who we really are. We must ensure that others do not choose our identity for us; only we can be ourselves.

Before we are ready to make this move, we must continue to collectivize outside academia. Then, when the time is right we must move as one, making it difficult for the media to isolate individuals. We must take advantage of the safety in numbers, making it easier on individuals to make that move and avoid the eye of Sauron. Because there will be so many White dissidents speaking out and organizing on America’s college campuses, their legitimacy won’t be so easily dismissed as the polemical exercise of one or two students. We can get there from here, but in order to make this happen we must continue to take actions that inspire students currently enrolled in college. The creation of the White Student Union Facebook pages was just the first step towards generating awareness and interest in our ideas among college students; the next will be to campaign on the ground, providing a network outside the cathedral for students to collectivise.

Becoming Who We Are: My Experience At This Year’s NPI Event

Originally published in The Nameless Organization

Over Halloween weekend, I attended the National Policy Institute’s Become Who We Are conference, held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. It was the first conference that I have been to, and it far surpassed my expectations. The hall was overflowing with energy, and young and intelligent people from across America and Europe were everywhere. Richard Spencer and the National Policy Institute deserve the highest praise for organizing what was an unprecedented gathering in the history of our country; it was the largest group of young people ever assembled in North America that met to discuss the future of our civilization and people. In a way that was almost surreal, it was a weekend that everyone present will remember for the rest of his or her lives.

Just as events over the past year have demonstrated there is growing interest in our ideas, it was obvious to everyone at the NPI gathering that something special is happening. A new generation is emerging to take on the responsibilities their parents abandoned, and they are discovering themselves. They are discovering who they really are and what they have yet to become. Soon, they will come to know what they are made of, and it will be far more than they themselves had ever imagined.

As I spoke with the attendees, there was an air of confidence and purpose to what was taking place by those participating. Dashing young men with haircuts so sharp you could cut a diamond adorned the hall, and intelligent faces with magnificent smiles were the norm. Truly, it was a court fit for a King. Cultural icons from Lana Locketff and Henrick Palmgreen of Red Ice Creations, to Jack Donovan & Master Chim were mingling about, meeting many excited fans. Mike Enoch and the TRS crew graced us with their shitlordom, and even Roosh stopped by to catch the vibe.

The energy was synergistic, with people meeting each other and instantly feeling connected. The conversations naturally flowed; like talking to a friend you hadn’t seen in years, but with whom you immediately felt a rekindled bond. Connections were being made from which many new projects will emerge. Thanks to the conference, our message and voice will only intensify and become louder as a result of what transpired there.

We laughed and mocked the handful of losers standing outside with the filthiest homemade banner and hygiene I have ever seen. While entering the edifice, they called us mean names that undoubtedly gave them warm fuzzies deep inside as they status signaled those on the streets in vain. But hey, why think when you can FEEL? Certainly, based on just the look of them, the so-called “antifa” had a right to feel angry at the sight of high quality Identitarians, obviously far superior to them in every way that matters.

The speakers were alive and energetic. They spoke of problems and solutions; realities and inevitabilities; and possibilities for the future. They spoke of that which their generation was too cowardly or cucked to say publicly. Overall, through their eloquence, honesty, and character – in obvious contrast to the traitorous “leaders” of the West – the speakers offered clear guidance to our people across the European world.

Richard Spencer, head of the National Policy Institute & Radix Journal, hosted the event with the type of charm and confident swagger you could expect of a young aristocrat destined to become head of state. He went toe-to-toe with hostile journalists from publications like the Huffington Post and The Daily Beast. Both deceitful publications, the latter having recently shut down their comments sections in attempt to stop the hemorrhaging of readers emigrating en mass from the cultural Marxist trash masquerading as journalism. Just a quick skim through the controlled media’s articles about the event should be enough to set off warning bells to even the most boring of normies.

Throughout the conference I was tweeting, networking, and rubbing shoulders with event organizers. There was an explosion of interest on social media, as I covered each one of the speakers en vivo. There was a lot of interest in and excitement about the future of our organization, as many of those who attended sought me out to offer their support and asked how they could get involved.

As I wrote earlier in this essay, the NPI event marked the beginning of something special. I do not exaggerate when I say that the gathering resembled a spark that could ignite a flame, spreading an unquenchable fire of Identity throughout the West. A generation has emerged that is unrelenting in its mission in creating a legacy that will match and then transcend all of the achievements of our civilization. Our time has come, and as the fire rises, so too does our spirit and determination. We are becoming who we are. We are the future.